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My absolute favorite Pittsburgh Titans book.  I love the characters and I love how authentically the city is presented.  There are just so many things about this book to love.  I think readers will be envious of Mazzy’s bravery and spunk.  She does what she loves, and also does what she loves- not a typo but I don’t want to spoil.   Foster squeezes my soul with how much love he has for Bowie Jane. He gets that being a parent is number one, even when you are a super star and have it all.  There are lots of laughs watching these two navigate a new relationship where a little one is involved, even if she is scheming to get them together.  I really enjoyed this book so much.


When Foster McInnisex-wife flakes and he finds himself with full custody of is daughter, the nanny he hires brings a new complicationan attraction he can't ignore, no matter how hard he tries.</strong>I love being on the ice and am grateful for my hockey career, but the off season is favorite time of the year because it brings me my one true lovemy daughter, Bowie Jane. Between my job and my ex-wife living across the country, the time I get to spend face-to-face with my kiddo is limited, though we make up for it with summers full of fun adventures. Were thick as thieves and take full advantage of our time together, but the distance away from her is killing me. My fortunes change when my ex walks away and I find myself with full custody. But with the hockey season looming, I know Im going to need help taking care of Bowie Jane. Enter Mary Elizabeth Archerotherwise known as Mazzy. Highly recommended to me through the Titans 'network, Mazzy crashes into our life like a hurricane. Shes unlike anyone Ive ever met and to say Im intrigued is an understatement. But no matter how attractive she is, no matter how I crave to know everything about her, I cant go there. Its inappropriate. Just wrong, wrong, wrong, even though she might be the most right thing Ive ever known. Being the indescribable force she is, there is soon no corner of our lives that Mazzy hasnt impacted in a positive way. And my desire for more with her becomes far stronger than my misguided idea that I could ever resist this woman. Our attraction burns hot and keeping our eyes, hands and mouths off one another gets harder by the minute. It doesn't take long for me to know that Im all in with Mazzy. Shes my end game and ,lucky for me, winning is my specialty

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