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Get Your Pittsburgh Titan Novel ! Camden Is On Deck Now

    The best kind of second chance/ friends to lovers/ secret romance!  I love this story so much, because of the unsuspecting second chance at love. The story also has plenty of spice.  The plane crash, the loss of loved ones, and the love of hockey bond Danica and Camden in an unsuspecting, tender, heartwarming romance. Danica is trying to adjust to being a single mom after the loss of her husband Mitch, who died when the Titan’s plane crashed.  Camden is one of the only surviving team members. He is still fighting his own guilt and nightmares almost a year after the crash.  When he and Danica reunite at a survivor’s event, their attraction flares, and they can’t seem to stay away from each other.  Camden doesn’t understand his need to care for, protect, and covet Danica.  He is afraid that his attraction to his dead teammate’s wife will cause a rift in his still healing team.  Danica misses Mitch, but she and her son celebrate him every day.  When she realizes that he is attracted t