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The One Who Loves You Is Out Tomorrow... This is a pick-me-up, feel good treat

  This story truly has something for everyone. It is the hilarious hijinks that you expect from Pippa Grant books, with a truly unique plot. Chocked full of crazy, silly, and heart-warming characters, it really squeezed my heart in a warm hug. Phoebe is a snob, who spends her time trying to emulate her grandmother.   She will do most anything to uphold the Lightly name.   She is allergic to weakness and would never let anyone know how lonely she feels.   She has always imagined taking over the Lightly fortune and has spent her life grooming herself to follow in her grandmother’s iron footsteps.   When the matriarch of their family has a near death experience, she insists that the entire family must learn to become better people.   Phoebe is ripped away from everything that is familiar and placed in a unique sleepy little town.   The town is everything she never wanted. That is when she meets Teague. Teague has a past.   He ran from his former life to live a quietly and raise his da