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This Is A Must Have!

 Happy Release Day Annie Dyer!  Puffin Bay is going to be one of my most favorite series.  I absolutely adore Book 1, Amalie and Roman's Story.   So well written that I could smell the sea and see the sparks flying!   This is such a great Grumpy/Enemies to Lovers story.   Amalie is fierce yet kind and strong but vulnerable.   Roman is arrogant yet humble and caring.   I love the juxtaposition in each of main characters. I highly recommend reading this book, such an amazing escape.   Amalie got away from the difficulties of her family and the big city.   She worked her way to Puffin Bay where she has finally found her people and her home. She worked hard to build her Inn and cares deeply for everyone in the small community. Roman is a Real Estate tycoon, looking for his next project.   Puffin Bay is a great place to expand too.   His changes threaten to shake things up, and he runs into trouble with the gorgeous and stubborn owner of the Inn. He must convince her that change is good

Theo and Laney are at your fingertips!

  Snaggletooth Creek is a destination to add to your bucket list.  It is full of hilarious characters, cute fur babies, and lots and lots of chemistry. I loved this book so much because the underdog gets the girl.    Theo is the child tormentor and now sexy brother of Lainey’s best friend Emma.      He is a fun loving, trouble-making free spirit.    Laney has never been able to live free and lives under the expectations of her uptight parents.    When her best friend finally gets her dream wedding in Hawaii, Laney will do whatever it takes to make all of Emma’s wedding dreams come true. Theo loves his sister more than anything, and he is determined to make her wedding perfect as well, except things just keep going wrong.    When Laney get’s babysitting assignment to keep Theo out of the groom’s way, she realizes that he is more than just trouble. He is kind, good hearted and full of secrets.    Stuck together for the destination wedding from hell, they realize that they have more than

April 11

  My perfect escape!   The book is even better than I expected, and I was anticipating being swept off my feet. I was so caught up in the story, that I felt like I should have a say in what happens. I mean, the gods are jerks who make things so much harder than they need to be! And then there is Maddox.   There is nothing better than a hot demi-god with a tough exterior and a sensitive side.   Maddox has been doing the bidding of the gods for a thousand years. It is about time he finds love and happiness.   Zora has been though hell and back (literally) and is now learning how to be a goddess. They love each other, but everything else seems to get in the way.   The story is passionate, action packed, and absolutely enchanting.   It is so hard not to fall in love with the characters.   I thought that no one would top Carrick, but then Amell came along, now Maddox… each just keeps getting better and better.