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Almost here and you will want to get it! January 27th- save the date

  Rowen and Dee kick off this new football (soccer) series by the amazing author Annie Dyer. You are going to love their banter and wit, their chemistry, and what happens when they are forced to work together. Rowan is a professional footballer who can’t seem to stay out of the media. When he finds himself in trouble again, the team manager, of Manchester Athletic, decides that the media needs to see him in a better light.   When his agent and the team do some damage control, he gets paired up with some other players to work at a kid’s camp.   That’s when he realizes that he has to work alongside the happy, good-girl, all star of the women’s team, Dee.   Dee doesn’t like him because she assumes that all of the things that they say about him is true. Rowan doesn’t like her because no one can be that happy all of the time, and he feels that she assumes the worst before she even knows the facts.    When training starts and the women and men’s teams must train together, they are forced

Sweet Mercy is out January 18th

  This is part two of Daphne and Emerson’s story, and it is next level dark and thrilling (it starts with Dark Reign).   I didn’t even see some of it coming.   Daphne makes a mistake and trades one gilded cage for another.   When Emerson captures her, he also captivates her and she can’t help falling in love with one of the most broken people in the world.   She realizes that they face some of the same demons, but his are much worse, and once she starts to unravel them, she starts to understand how complex he really is.   While untangling his secrets, she also has to face some of her own dark desires.   The depth of characters, the level of passion, and the emotion will have you gasping, blushing, and crying right along with the hero and heroine.

Need a Hot read to warm you up? This is it!

 Wow boys and girls, I just finished part 1 of 5 and it is hot hot hot! I noticed that some of the reviews posted on Amazon were a bit negative because apparently the reader didn't realize that the story is split into parts.  The first part is free in Amazon KU.  It is a great story, just realize that it is split into 5 parts before you start. Brigham and Hadley will knock your socks off! They are childhood friends and then Brigham leaves when she is most vulnerable.   Years later, he becomes successful and she is still struggling in their hometown.   When she appears at his company's function, their exchange is a powder keg of untapped passion and desire.   Hadley doesn't expect to see him again until he appears with news that may change her life forever.   Part 1 of this series is explosive, passionate and will leave you panting for the rest of the book.