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Out Now: Dark Reign by Amelia Wilde- if you like dark romance you will love this one

 DARK REIGN:  Emerson and Daphne's story Dark Reign is a downright edge of your seat thrill, and I couldn’t put it down.  This book walks the fine line between love and obsession.  Emerson is both our hero and a bit of a villain. Daphne is innocent and trusting.  I love that Ms. Wilde’s heroes often have a core of good and bad, and the heroines are often innocent, and yet have a core of steel that makes them vulnerable and yet no push over.  The story is masterfully written and designed where you feel every emotion. This book is a new chapter to the Morelli and Constantine world, where the men are scorching hot and dangerous and the women are innocent and strong like warriors.  I loved loved loved it.  500 stars. You can buy this book on Amazon, and all major retailers!