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Until it was love: A Complicated Situationship Romcom

  Knocked it off the pitch!  I love the layers upon layers each character has and how they never do what you are expecting them too. I laughed out loud, shared their disappointments, and even shed a few tears.  This is one I will be reading over and over again.  Fletcher and his mustache take front and center in this book.  I thought that he was going to be a washed-up, arrogant jerk that lowered himself to play for the Pounders.  I was surprised at how wrong I was. Goldie is a ray of sunshine, but even under all her brilliance she has withstood some dark times.  When her dreams are dashed, she had to focus on new opportunities and she found a career she loved. She is about to leave Copper Valley for a once in a lifetime opportunity, when Fletcher steps on to her brother’s team and into her life.  When she uses Fletcher as her date to get back at her brother, she doesn’t expect to like him.  Things did not turn out like they expected. My second favorite part of the book was the lad