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Prepare to Swoon!!!!

  A must read for theater lovers everyone. I love this once lost and found again love story.   I love that the main characters stay true to our beloved Green family and Callaghan family series’ men and women; and we get more of all of them in each and every book.   It’s like being part of another family. Even if this is your first Annie Dyer book, you will fall in love and quickly make this extended family one of your own. Maven is our strong and sassy heroine. She fell in love with a boy with the same love of the theater, during the summer before college (university). She knew they only had the summer, but even years after they said goodbye, no one ever really measured up to Anthony.   Anthony was born to a titled English family. Old money and expectations.   While he loves his family, he wanted to follow his passion, not run his family estate. He chose to follow his acting dream. Almost a decade later fate pushed them together again. Maven was a successful producer and Anthony was

Here comes trouble! Irresistible Trouble that is!

  Cooper Rock’s long long-awaited book is finally here and it does NOT disappoint.   Cooper is like glue that holds the Copper Valley Fireballs together.   He has been in the background of every single Fireballs book, and yet he somehow always steals the show. He’s cool, he’s cocky, and he’s got it all. Cooper’s greatest love is baseball. Pile on the good looks, a great family, all the women he could want, who wouldn’t love to be in his shoes?   Until he runs into Waverly again.   She is everything that he never knew was missing. She’s also the one thing he will never be good enough for. Waverly and Cooper have a past, she is still mad that he ghosted her and walked away.   Their short interlude left a big impression on her life.   Sure, she has it all, fortune and fame.   While she is grateful, she can’t help that something feels like it is missing.   When a chance encounter with her fans throws Waverly and Cooper together, the attraction burns bright. Cooper is in trouble when al