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Rich In Your Love is Out Now!

  A sweet, lighthearted romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Pippa Grant about one social media influencer’s dream of going off the grid and the IRL love she finds along the way. Secrets always catch up with you. The world knows me as Tavi Lightly, sugar-free social media influencer. But my true purpose lies in secretly restoring a cacao farm in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, to save the farm, I need access to the trust fund that my grandmother has frozen. She’s requiring me to do charity work in Tickled Pink, Wisconsin, and until I meet her ultimatum—no trust fund. So to Tickled Pink I go. My first grandmother-approved charity project? Helping local reformed bad boy Dylan Wright. He has secrets too, like how he’s hung up on his married best friend. Kick-starting his dating life is as easy as making him famous through association with me. Not so easy is the fact that we’re falling for each other. He belongs in Tickled Pink, and I belong on my farm. We might share our secrets w

Tomorrow is the day! It's a sweet treat that you will most definitely love

Rich in Your Love: Tickled Pink Book 2, Out December 13, 2022 Another delightfully heartwarming, make you smile all day, bit of happiness.  Pippa Grant always brings on the joy, and her books are the ultimate pick-me-up.  I counted on Rich In Your Love to make me laugh and swoon, but it is so much more than that. Pippa Grant’s characters simply come to life, and this book is no exception.  I was emotionally invested in the Happy Ending for these characters and sad when the story ended.  Tavi and Dylan are fun and relatable. Tavi is a rich, social media influencer who is always taught that she must appear to be perfect.  She is tired of pretending to be someone she is not, and tired of not having the people she loves love her for who she is.  She’s been hiding a big secret from friends, family and the media.  Together with her best friend they try to get a failing cacao farm in Costa Rica running. She wants to succeed and then settle there, where she can be herself- no more influencing,

One More day! Target Man is worth the wait.

  Sigh….I am totally in love with this Sports Romance series.   The stories are written so well that I am emotionally invested in the outcome for the characters. Target Man is book 4 of the Manchester Athletics series, and it’s a slow burn that just simply explodes. Jesse is our broken hero. He is a control freak but smart and kind, but he has a bit of a dark side.   Jerrica is still trying to figure out where she fits in the world.   She’s funny and confident. Jerrica has crushed on Jesse since she first met him, and when she was brave enough to tell him, he rejected her because Jerrica is his best friend and teammate’s sister.   Although he doesn’t stop thinking about her. She is sunshine, laughter, and innocence, and he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame.   They manage to avoid each other until Jesse gets into trouble and loses his license, and is forced to find a driver.   Jerrica is trying to follow her passion, and while she’s writing, she moves in with her brother to help

Available Now: Midnight Realm

 Even kings who serve at the whim of gods break the rules every now and then. As the newly anointed king of the Underworld, I’ve worked hard to clean up the mess left behind by my predecessor. The realm is in relative peace at the moment, my main focus now on deciding the fate of recently departed souls. It’s a tediously boring task, and honestly, one I despise doing. But just when I think I can’t stand another moment of the monotony, one soul changes it all. Nyssa McKnight earned her ticket to Hell. She made her choices and even at the prospect of eternal damnation, she doesn’t seem to regret the actions that led her here. I can tell by her utter defiance that life has hardened her, a trait that has carried over to her in death. She should be begging me for mercy but instead calls me a “big old winged bat”. I should toss her right into The Crimson River for her insolence but instead I think I’ll keep her in servitude. While I struggle to reconcile the intrigue—and attraction—I have fo

Pure, dark, steamy perfection in your hands tomorrow!

Pure, dark, steamy perfection! This book is so awesome, that I have already read it twice.   I just can’t get enough of this series. This is a top-notch dark fantasy romance.   If you love broken villains, then Amell will melt your heart.   In Book Six, we get Amell’s story.   He has played a part in the Chronicles of The Stone Veil from the beginning of the series.   After Zora becomes a goddess, he reluctantly agrees to become King of the Underworld. He doesn’t love his job, but he loves that he can make the underworld a little bit better of a home for the souls and other creatures that reside in Hell.   Every day is the same judgement, until one day Nyssa dies and finds herself in the long line of souls waiting to be judged by the King himself.    Nyssa has never caught a break.   A broken past, an unfair lot in life, and an uncertain future is what she faces.   When she has a chance to take matters into her own hands, she gets a messy bloody revenge on the one who almost destroye