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My favorite Pittsburgh Titans Book is here!

  My absolute favorite Pittsburgh Titans book.  I love the characters and I love how authentically the city is presented.  There are just so many things about this book to love.  I think readers will be envious of Mazzy’s bravery and spunk.  She does what she loves, and also does what she loves- not a typo but I don’t want to spoil.   Foster squeezes my soul with how much love he has for Bowie Jane. He gets that being a parent is number one, even when you are a super star and have it all.  There are lots of laughs watching these two navigate a new relationship where a little one is involved, even if she is scheming to get them together.  I really enjoyed this book so much. Goodreads: When Foster McInnis ’ ex - wife flakes and he finds himself with full custody of is  daughter, the nanny he hires brings a new complication — an attraction he can't ignore , no matter how hard he tries.< /strong> I love being on the ice and am gr

Breeze Bridge is a breath of fresh air!

 My favorite!!! Swoon.  Grayson is just yummy and he is all mine! You are going to melt.    Clover and Grayson are my favorite couple in Puffin Bay.   Clover is just a sweet as can be and Grayson is gruff, arrogant, slightly rude… but you will fall in love with him. Clover will never leave Puffin Bay and adores her job as a Nanny.   When she finds herself out of work, she doesn’t know what she is going to do. No job, no money. When she helps a very difficult stranger on the side of the road, she never imagines it is the new hot doctor in town.   It just so happens he has an adorable son, Luca who needs looking after. Grayson doesn’t believe that people can be genuinely nice and he doesn’t trust that Clover is as kind as she seems.   However, he gives her a chance as a nanny.   Instead of proving his theories right, he realizes just how wrong he was as he starts to fall for the nanny. Sparks fly, angels sing and rainbows shine as the story unfolds and these two fall hard for each ot