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The Gossip and the Grump is a really good time! Out October 5th

 It has been a little while since I posted, but life has been a little insane.  I wanted to share this book because is it just really good.  Plain and simple... The Gossip and the Grump is guaranteed to improve your mental health!  You will smile, you will laugh and you will sigh. I love the lighthearted portrayal of two emotionally damaged characters finding love when they can barely even trust. Sabrina and Grey are such a great fit for each other and it is so much fun to watch the sparks fly.  Every time that I thought that Sabrina would react badly to Grey’s jerkiness, I was surprised and kind of inspired to be a better person.  I love that this story starts where Emma’s book ends and we get another look at what has happened with Emma and the dirt bag, Chandler; and how it all ties into this book. As always, the animals in Pippa’s books steal the show, and Jitter is no exception.  I think my next best friend will be a Saint Bernard. This story has all the good stuff: humor, snark, w