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Swoooonnnnnn Worthy ! Get it on Wednesday, it will be free in KU

Heart Keeper by Annie Dyer releases on  August 4, 2022   This is a feel-good read that will keep you smiling and swooning. Amber and Nate are oh so hot and sweet at the same time.   I loved this heart-felt, single dad, second chance, surprise baby story.   Amber is career focused and loves her job working with the Manchester Athletic team.   She is all about making the most of her career and a family and kids is just not on her radar.   Nate is the star goalie/keeper who lost his wife and is just now coming around to living again.   They have been attracted to each other for a while, but Nate has not let himself look at another woman since his daughters Libbie and Zara) lost their mother.   When he is finally convinced to get out and live again, their covert attraction becomes a raging inferno.   Then everything changes. Amber learns that Nate is so much more than what he seems.   She also learns that she wants more than she thought that was ever possible. As the story unfolds, w