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  Darkly delicious! A new and different, scorching hot retelling of the ancient story in the 21 st century.   The imagery and characters are so well written that you can feel the emotions of our hero and heroine Such a powerful example of opposites attract, it is full of pain and pleasure, love and hate, and disgust and desire.   I could not stop reading Hades and Persephone’s tale. This book series will be one I will come back to enjoy again and again. Goodreads: Bookbub:

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 I am just so in love with Severton and all that live in this little town!  Make sure to add this to your Must Be Read Immediately list! Sweetened is Fun, flirty and packs the heat with scorching chemistry!   You will laugh out loud while fanning your face. Severton is my favorite fictional town, and I could read this over and over again.   In book 5, we get to watch Jake and Lainey try their hardest not to fall for each other. Their hate/love/hate/love relationship makes for a delightful read full of bickering and lust. Jake is the town playboy, or so his reputation says, but he really just wants to settle down.   When Lainey scoops up the land he wanted and moves next door, he is determined to hate everything about her.   Lainey is infuriated with her neighbor’s rudeness, and intends to ignore him at all costs.   Until they can’t, and they realize that they have much more in common than either could have imagined.   They are both afraid to risk their hearts, but Lainey’s hesitation

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  Oh my goodness ya'all!  Pippa Grant has done it again!  This is Book 5 in the Thruster's Hockey Series and ya'all have to read it.   I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.   Funny and romantic, Muffy and Tyler’s story has plenty of steam but is also romantic and tender.   It is just fantastic….there are no other words to describe it. I really enjoyed getting to know more about Muffy and Tyler- Reading their story was so much fun because you get to see that who they are expected to be isn’t always who they really are on the inside.   It’s a great reminder that everyone deserves to be loved, and that you find it where you least expect it. Tyler is single, hot and at the top of his game. He’s got swagger and all the ladies that he could want, so why on earth would he want to be tied down?   His life as a professional hockey god is perfect, until that one night with his friend, Muffy. Now, his heart doesn’t seem to pick up what his head is putting down. He doesn’t understan