Get your copy! It's Live

It's here!  I am so excited! I am emotionally spent in the best way possible.  There is no putting this down once you start to read.  I was hanging on every word and I swear I could feel the spray of the sea while reading.  Ms. Wilde has absolutely left me breathless and pining for more, and I am on pins and needles waiting for the conclusion to the trilogy, Devil May Care.  I am enthralled with the broken, heart-wrenching love story of Poseidon and Ashley.  The push and pull between the characters and the extraordinary back and forth between cruelty and kindness will leave your head spinning and your heart aching.  Brilliantly written, this story has an abundance of steamy passion and heat as well as twists and turns where you are never really sure what is coming next.   Poseidon and Ashley will hold you captive while you ransom your heart in order to cheer on their happily ever after. I am a huge fan of all of the gods’ stories that she has written (Zeus and Hades), and this on