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The Grumpy Player Next Door is coming on July 8th!

 Ya'all are going to love this slow burn, comedy romance! All the emotions! Larger than life and intensely human characters, lots of love, and a slow burn that will melt your heart. Pippa Grant never disappoints her readers with her feel-good stories that contain just enough angst to make you shed a tear or two. I love the Copper Valley Baseball boys and all of their extended families. We even get to go back to Shipwreck and visit some hilarious secondary characters and of course the dirty parrot, Long Beak Silver. Big, surly, and undeniably sexy, that is Max, the grumpy player door! Tilley Jean can’t resist her brother Coopers closest team mate. She knows that he is off limits, but she feels pulled to him like a kid to a snow cone truck. Max has finally established himself with the Fireballs, and Cooper is the closest friend he has ever had. He won’t mess that up for anything. Then he makes the ultimate mistake, when he moves next door to his arch nemesis. Tilley Jeans’ flirting a

A must read for the summer!

Devil May Care- June 15 th Heart wrenchingly amazing! This book emotionally gutted me and left me feeling raw and renewed all at the same time!   A perfect tale of love and pain.   Such a beautiful portrayal of love in it’s many forms.   This is the third book, and conclusion in the Devil series and boy does it deliver. The dark love, hate and passion blend so beautifully into the best Happily Ever After.   It is more than a romance and there are multiple HEA’s when Poseidon finally realizes that there is more to love than just the sea.   I can’t begin to sing enough praises for this series and the writing talent that blends so many forms of passion, love and destruction into one glorious tale.   Bookbub: Good reads: Available on most retailers!

You like hot Mafia romance? Then you must read this!

 Book 5 is out now and it is HOT! Filthy Hot,  by Serena Akeroyd It is a beautiful tale of pure, raw love in a dark and dangerous world.  Such a beautiful contrast of pure and innocent love in a scandalous, dangerous, and devastating life.  This story is a fabulous reminder that beyond life’s endless hardships, pain and struggle, there is love, family and passion which truly make life worth living.  Savannah is a bad ass reporter that just can’t keep herself out of trouble, and Aiden is her not so white knight. She doesn’t care who he is or what family he comes from, she has wanted him for so long.  When they are thrown together, and her life is in danger, Aiden gives into temptation and decides that he wont let her go.  The give and take and the steamy passion between these two make this great mafia romance into a sizzling hot treat. FREE in Kindle Unlimited (Amazon).  Also, check out the reviews and links to by here: Goodreads: B