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Snaggletooth Creek is a destination to add to your bucket list.  It is full of hilarious characters, cute fur babies, and lots and lots of chemistry.I loved this book so much because the underdog gets the girl.  Theo is the child tormentor and now sexy brother of Lainey’s best friend Emma.   He is a fun loving, trouble-making free spirit.  Laney has never been able to live free and lives under the expectations of her uptight parents.  When her best friend finally gets her dream wedding in Hawaii, Laney will do whatever it takes to make all of Emma’s wedding dreams come true. Theo loves his sister more than anything, and he is determined to make her wedding perfect as well, except things just keep going wrong.  When Laney get’s babysitting assignment to keep Theo out of the groom’s way, she realizes that he is more than just trouble. He is kind, good hearted and full of secrets.  Stuck together for the destination wedding from hell, they realize that they have more than just mutual attraction. When things get crazy and truths are thrown out in the open, their new found love is put to the test.

The books is funny, lighthearted and reminds us that it is ok to be vulnerable in love. Beautifully written.

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