Releasing February 8th- My favorite Opposites Attract couple.


My favorite Opposites Attract couple.  Swoony computer hacker meets holistic yogi goddess!

It is devilishly delightful watching Freya torture Roe before she brings him to his knees. Fate plays a cruel trick, and they are forced to share rent on a house in Puffin Bay.  Roe is annoyed with the gorgeous newcomer to Puffin Bay with her smelly potions and cheery personality.  Freya on the other hand has never met such a grump.  But, as time goes by, each seems to get less and less annoying.

What I loved about this the most is while it kept me unable to put it down, there was not explosive drama or cataclysmic events.  It was so good, and relatable and real.  I love the series and I love Roe and Freya.  I cannot wait for more.

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