Game of Love and Betrayal- Out March 7th


The Choosing is a fabulous fay version of the Bachelor, but with lots of treachery, passion, and way better than anything humans could imagine.  I so enjoyed reading this book.

Brynleigh is a vampire out for revenge.  From the moment she is made, she trained with hate in her heart as an assassin to bring down her parents’ killer.  Revenge is her sole motivation.  But when she finally gets her change by being selected to participate in the Choosing, she soon learns that maybe things aren’t always what they seem.  Get in, kill Ryker, and get out right?  Except she never expected to fall in love with her parents’ killer.  Ryker agreed to the Choosing to fulfill his duty.  He never bargained on falling head over heals for the vampire beauty. His world is turned upside down when civil unrest threatens to tear down his perfectly orderly world. He never imagines that the Choosing will be his undoing… or will it be Brynleigh’s?

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