So glad I got to read this early!!


Now I want to move to live by the sea.  I absolutely love the Puffin Bay series, and Wild Tides was unexpectedly my favorite.  I usually like the broody jerks, but Thane is the strong quiet type and he kind of made me melt, not gonna lie. 

Fleur ran away from her wedding and wound up stuck in the sea.  Thane, the local lighthouse keeper and longtime admirer rescues her.  While he likes his life just as it is, he has always harbored a secret crush for Fleur.  When fate throws them together, they never expect to be so attracted to each other.  One night of fun turns their world upside down when they find out that they are having a baby.  It was fun and heartwarming to see how they navigate their relationship.  I won't say anymore, because I don't want to spoil it.  I also loved how we got updates on all the other funny characters of Puffin Bay.  Could not put it down!!

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