Cannon- Book 6 of the Pittsburgh Titans- Your feel good read of the week


So much more than a romance. Cannon really stole my heart. His character is so different than Drake and the other Titans. Cannon is softhearted, kind and soulful. He has loved and lost but remains a positive influence, leader and motivator who is loved by his team and his family. As head coach for the famous Pittsburgh Titans he doesn’t have much time to socialize let alone date, but he can’t help flirting with his favorite Barista, Ava when he gets his morning coffee. Ava is the first woman he has really been attracted to since his wife passed away.

 Ava, just ended a disastrous relationship and is trying to make it out on her own. She doesn’t want to leave Pittsburgh, so she is willing to do what it takes to stay and hopefully get her career moving forward and her self-esteem rebuilt. She is definitely not looking for any relationship with a man. Ava looks forward to seeing Cannon every morning as he is her favorite customer. She doesn’t understand why he bothers speaking with her, when he is so far out of her league. Then he asks her out. It takes some convincing to get her to go out with him, and even more to get her to understand that he is serious about her. Both try to convince themselves and each other that their relationship is casual with no expectations, because neither want to experience the hurt of a failed relationship again. However, they are perfectly matched in the bedroom and out. They are a beautiful couple, but they may not realize it until it is too late.

I just loved the sensitive side of both Ava and Cannon. It was a true love happy book with just the right amount of steam that we can expect from the boys of the Pittsburgh Titans. 500 stars…."


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