Every girl’s bad-boy dream


Every girl’s bad-boy dream! I love Sawyer Bennett books because her heroines are always kick butt and her heroes are smoking hot, and Drake is no exception.

This Pittsburgh Titan is like an onion.  There are so many layers to him and it is fun to watch Brienne peal them away. He is the baddest bad boy that I’ve read in a long time, and his dirty mouth will having you fanning your face. This story is so much fun because neither character believes in love so fate laughs at them and zaps them both. 

Drake’s life has been a disaster for the last few years.  He thought that he had it all, a pro career, two great kids and a wife. But, his wife was not who he thought she was.  Her decline led to the suffering of not just him, but his kids and his career. When rumors threaten to destroy him, his team fails to stand by him, so he says good-bye to everything he built- his career, his marriage, and his old life. For two years he lives a nice quiet life with his two adorable boys, until Brienne comes poking her nose into his life.

Brienne is the owner of the Pittsburgh Titans.  She has fought her way to get to the top and is one of the most successful billionaire business women in the world. When she stepped in and bought the Titan’s she wanted to re-build the team and replace their tragedy with a team built on trust, camaraderie, and success. To do that, she needs Drake on the team. When she reached out to Drake the first time, he tells her to get lost, and it takes some convincing in order to have him consider the team, and playing Hockey again. When he reluctantly comes on board, she tries to show him that her team is different, and they are a family. Drake is the most stubborn, rudest, most frustrating man she has ever met. While they butt heads at every turn, their mutual attraction sizzles and pops, until it explodes. Brienne doesn’t have time for a relationship, and doesn’t really understand the concept of a family. Drake refuses to every allow himself to be vulnerable to a woman again. They are both strong and determined, but may not be strong enough to resist falling in love.


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