Wow Wow Wow- Get it November 8th

 You do not want to miss this one.... I am going to buy the whole set. I don’t have enough pretty words that would describe the awesomeness of this book. Edge of your seat, wholly engulfing, can’t put it down, and one-hundred percent addictive.  I was sad for the first part to end and will be impatiently waiting like a kid at Christmas to get the next part/ HEA for Luna and Adriel. Twists and turns everywhere.  The story is action packed, hot, spicy, and full of hilarious sarcasm.  Adaline Winters is a new-to-me author, but I will be devouring all the rest of what she writes.  Talented, talented, talented. The cover of this book is also breathtaking.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world for humans / but not apocalyptic in any way you could imagine. Luna is part of a revolutionary group of humans that is still fighting to get their world back. She is dedicated, resourceful, and is one of the most successful rebels in slowing down Fae progress.  In fact, she has earned the nickname: The Dark Menace.  She is not aware that nothing is as it seems until she is captured and let go by the hated, cruel, Prince Adriel.  When he captures her, Adriel realizes that there is more to Luna then her smart mouth and wicked body.  She has powers that no human should have, and she may be the key to his father’s undoing. When her own people betray her, fate sets her on a path that changes everything she thought she knew, including the fact that she would ever fall in love with the hated Prince.

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