It’s American Horror Story with a meet cute

The Maiden of Belial: Ascent of the Witch Trilogy   Out 11/202022

Take a walk on the dark side with Mel and Mike! .  The story will make you shiver with anticipation.  There are so many secrets that you will not suspect what happens next. When Mel’s estranged grandparents die in a tragic fire, they leave her their farm.  When she goes to settle the will, she quickly learns that nothing about the town or the farm is as it seems.  When the handsome sheriff takes an interest in her, things begin to heat up, and fall apart all at once.  The Sherriff and Mel quickly discover that they have more in common then they ever dreamed, as the Sheriff’s investigation becomes intertwined with the state of her family’s affairs.  

Mel doesn’t have a lot of memories of her grandparents or the house, but while she is staying at the farm, odd things begin to happen.  She begins to have visions and dreams.  The ladies of the town who at first appeared sweet, now seemed sinister as she grows closer to the center of a sinister plot. 

She quickly falls for the Sherriff, but it might not be enough to save her from being an unwilling demon bride.


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