Out June 7th! Chronicles of the Stone Veil #6 The Shadow Princess, bySawyer Bennett


Demons, witches and angels oh my!

I am totally obsessed with this series.  I absolutely loved that this was a new story line, but included some of our favorite characters from the original story.  This story begins at the end of The Rise of Fortune and Fury (Chronicles of the Stone Veil Book 5). We get to see charming and handsome Maddox again. This time he gets to mettle in the affairs of another dimension called Vyronas, that is related to Earth realm. Maddox is on a mission for Zora (Finley’s twin), who became the new Goddess of life after her sister saved her and the rest of earth from Kymaris, the evil Dark Fae and fallen angel.

Maddox appears to Bastien who is a worn out and hopeless General of the army. He loves his kingdom and will do anything to safeguard the princess from Ferelith, the dark blood witch who declared herself Empress. Maddox explains that the hidden princess, Thalia, needs to come back to Vyronas and fight for her people.  She is Bastien’s one true love and he gave up everything to ensure her safety.  Now he needs to go and bring her back from Earth and give her all of her memories back.  The problem is, that they shared a love deeper than anything, and it was sacrificed to keep her safe.

When Thalia regains her memory, she is furious and hurt by what Bastien’s done, and more determined then ever to end her people’s suffering. As she prepares for battle, she must also battle for Bastien’s heart and convince him that he can still love her.  When Thalia’s powers grow, she learns that her father is Amell, who rules the Underworld. He helps her gain a foothold on her new powers in order to be able to save her people.

This story is full of treachery, broken hearts, evil, hope, passion, and love. Nail biter, up all-nighter, and It is such a great ride, you will not want to get off at the end.



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